Florida RF Labs, a part of Smiths Microwave, has launched its Next Generation Lab-Flex® Q and Lab-Flex®AF cable assemblies. Both cable lines have gone through extensive qualification testing in order to validate them for today’s rigorous application requirements. With over 40 miles of cable assemblies in space and product on over 150 satellite applications, Florida RF Labs is a world leader in the space market. Lab-Flex Q®assemblies use very low loss ePTFE insulation, and are constructed with materials which meet the outgassing requirements of NASA/ESA when tested per ASTM E595. The outer jackets use an ETFE material for maximum (> 100MRad) radiation resistance.
Lab-Flex®AF assemblies are qualified to meet the harsh environments found in commercial and military aircraft, as well as shipboard and ground applications. Qualified to MIL-T-81490 and additional requirements found in MIL-STD-810, Lab-Flex®AF cable assemblies are constructed with a redundant water sealing system, and have been tested and proven hermetically sealed to 1 x 105 cm3/s. The cables also incorporate an ePTFE insulator material for the lowest loss and the outer jackets are covered with a Nomex® material for high abrasion resistance.
Complete qualification reports for both Lab-Flex® Q and Lab-Flex®AF are available on request.